Generate list fields from click events

This might sound a bit unusual but I’m hoping to find guidance on how to create list fields from click events on a taxonomy page. We’re currently using modal windows that correspond to different posts within said taxonomy, each containing product details like item numbers and costs. But rather than manually creating a unique form for each taxonomy, our goal is to have a dynamic form that gets populated by post meta whenever a frontend user clicks an “Add to list” button that resides at the top of each of the posts’ modal windows, and passing those selections to a GF that resides in a separate modal on the taxonomy page for review and submission.

The desired behavior is similar to how a shopping cart builds a list of items that a user wants to purchase, however in this case we’re not processing any payments or transactions, we’re just gathering the items of interest for use in a separate application. I’m trying to avoid using an e-commerce platform for the cart functionality alone, so I’m hoping there’s a way to accomplish this with Gravity’s built-in hooks.

So far we’ve managed to create dynamic forms with dynamic lists for each taxonomy by using the gform_field_value filter and a custom post query to pass the needed meta fields, but that just adds all posts as list options versus allowing the user to decide which posts are included in the list.

Even if it’s something that can’t be accomplished, I’d be grateful for any insights or assistance!!

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