Form with Events & Fillable / Cappable Slots

We’re currently paying for Gravity Forms Elite and Sign Up Genius Gold. We really would like to move off of Sign Up Genius, and realize there is likely someone here who has explored the appointments, bookings, and events add-ons in depth and can help me realize what the best add-on is to create Sign Ups in Gravity Forms that have slots that can be capped.

Here are a few examples of use cases:

  1. Potluck - Creating slots of all the needed foods/items for users to register to bring, i.e. letting employee select from a list of items to bring, some items may offer multiple registrations (i.e. drinks need more than one)
  2. Event Times - Signing Up Guests for Timeslots for Event Arrival Times, i.e. 10 guests per 30 minutes, etc. Present the end users with a table or something where they can select open timeframes.
  3. Employee Task Selection - Building a form that will let employees select their task to work at said event and then cap each task when the capped needed users have selected said task, i.e. childcare 10 seats, setup 4 seats, breakdown 4 seats, etc.

Sign Up Genius does a good job at making the building of these form types quite simple.

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