Form submission attributed to purchase in woocommerce

Hello once again

I m thinking if it is possible to somehow connect/attribute form submission from gravity to woocommmerce purchase?

I use gravity form to show personalized product of dog food which is dependant on factors like daily caloric requirements and type of meat chosen by the dog’s owner. By answering all the questions and clicking “finish” button, user makes form submission and at the same time he/she is sent to woocomerce checkout with this product in the cart. So just thinking if there is any way to attribute this form submission with the purchase?

Hi Dawid. If you can send your ‘recommendation’ in the confirmation redirect to WooCommerce, in the query string, you could use that to send information to WooCommerce. I am not sure what options you have on the WooCommerce side of things to use that information that is being sent.