Form for "Self-selling" purpose


Would it be possible to customize a form, so that we can add “amount”, “tax”, “business name” “org number”, “contact person”. And then print it as a PDF-document, with the filled data for self-selling purpose?

For example:

If we would do it like this:

Amount: 5000
Tax: 20%
Period: (calendar) 18 Aug to date: 21 Aug
Org: PTO Group
Contact person: Marcus

And then when for example pressing button “print as PDF”.- We get a standard invoice or some kind of document with the data from the form. Showing that “5000, 20% tax, 8/18 - 8/21. Total sum:”

Are you with me? Would this be possible?

Best regards,

Yes, that is possible in theory. Have you tried it?

To create the PDF, you can use Gravity PDF