Force rule on field Phone Number

Hey guys,

Hopefully an easy one that I’m just missing. I need to force the field phone number to only accept numbers? We’re getting spam, even through security checks etc.

Hi Nemo. The international phone format will allow all characters, numbers and letters both. The US phone format (###) ###-#### will allow numbers only. Which format are you using for your phone field?

What sort of restriction are you trying to hold on the phone number? Is there a format you need, or just that it can be some quantity of numbers, without any letters?

Hi Chris,

Does the US restrict you to US formatting? It needs to be able to accept International Phone numbers but we don’t want it to accept letters etc.

Spammers are using email as Email and Phone, which is currently getting through the system.
Some quantity of numbers without letters sounds the solution, I saw a Number field, that might be the best option?

The US phone format forces you to (###) ###-####.

If you want to accept only numbers, a number field will work.

If you have a specific format of number you need to accept, you can use a single line text field, and enable the “input mask”.

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