Filter picklist choices as a user enters some text [RESOLVED]

Is anyone aware of a way to have a user type a couple letters to filter or reduce the number of visible picklist items? Like a giant list of jobs, for example and I start to type “Dev” and it filters my picklist to all the job values that have “Developer” as part of the picklist value

I have a few forms with lengthy picklists and want to let me my visitors find the choice they are looking for more easily.

I found this addon for auto complete, but it doens’t appear to display the available picklist values before or during a user entering a value.

Hi Bill. Have you tried the “Enhanced Interface” option on the Advanced tab for your field? The result end up looking like this (top is a Select field, bottom is a Multi-Select):


Thank you Chris, I don’t know how missed that feature :astonished:, but I think that might be exactly what I’m looking for.

Appreciate the guidance!

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