Fillable PDFs: working with conditionals and templates

I am working on a form for a low-income housing application. Part of this form requires the applicant to list all the family members and income. Each family member may have anywhere from 0 to several income sources (counting employment, benefits, and/or support).

I am trying to find if there is a way to reuse a fillable pdf income verification for each individual/income source without having to set up a separate entry in the fillable PDFs feed for each pair. To be clear, I know the same PDF template can be used for multiple instances

I have a simpler version of the form set up where individuals and income sources are disconnected. For this version I have 6 income verification items in the feed, with each one mapped to a specific income source - ie income verification 1 maps to income 1, income verification 2 maps to income 2, etc.

After feedback from our clients I have found the logic of the form is not intuitive for some people - especially those who are not tech savvy. In order to accommodate I am trying to revise the form so the details section for each individual will include the income sources that go with that individual. But doing this means there are potentially 20-24 individual income possibilities - person 1:income 1, person 1: income 2, person 2: income 1, person 3: income1, and so forth. In reality there may only be 2-3 income sources per family, but this is all unknown before the application.

I also want to add that collecting all of this information as a single form is the goal. We are attempting to simplify the process, and avoid having to go back to the applicant to collect additional information when avoidable.