File upload notifications / conditional logic - could not get it working

Hello dear community members,

I am setting up notifications, however the file upload field is not available in the conditional logic list.

I need to send notifications to submissions that have not attached files. Conditional logic list has a blank for the file upload field. I was unable to figure out how to assign a value to uploads present and uploads absent. If I can somehow relay the data conditionally to a hidden field, or have the file upload filed show up as part of conditional fields… perhaps sending upload value to a hidden field and reading it from there. Not sure how to approach this. I do not need to attach files to notifications. I simply want to send out a notification if files were not attached.

Thank you very much. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hello Aleksey. The file upload field is not available for conditional logic, as you found. How about something like this: add a checkbox field which says “I would like to upload files” or something to that effect. Then, you can conditionally show the file upload field. Make the file upload field required. If it is hidden because they did not check the box (to upload files) it will pass validation even with no files uploaded, and a file will be required if they said “I would like to upload files”. Then, you can base your conditional logic for the notification on that checkbox. Will that work for you?

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