File Upload - Mobile Images

I can upload images from a laptop just fine with my custom form, but any image generated from a mobile device will not upload. It won’t work from the mobile or from a PC. The size is not above the limit and it is a .jpg. Help!

I’m not able to replicate the issue in a default WordPress installation. Can you please clarify what you mean when you say “custom form” ?

I created a form in Gravity Forms. It works periodically, but mostly produces a 503 error like the server is out of resources. Calling my hosting company now. Seems to happen mostly with mobile generated pics with an underscore.

Correction, underscores don’t seem to matter. Template doesn’t matter. It actually finishes sometimes but produces the 503.

Hi James. The 503 Service Unavailable response is from the server in response to something someone is doing with your form. I recommend reaching out to your hosting support for a resolution. Let us know what they say. Thank you.

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