Field names wrapped in html and body tags?

Don’t even know where to start looking on this one. Would appreciate suggestions.

Our field names are getting wrapped with html and body tags. I don’t see why, we don’t have any custom css that would to this I don’t think. Here’s an example:

<li id='field_1_2' class='gfield field_sublabel_above field_description_below gfield_visibility_visible' ><html><body><label class="gfield_label" for="input_1_2">First Name<img class="stla_tooltip_img" src="https://XXXXXXXXX.COM/wp-content/plugins/styles-layouts-gf-tooltips/images/icon3.png" data-tippy-content="We use this to customize your quote." width="15px" style="margin-top:-2px; margin-left:;"></label><div class="ginput_container ginput_container_text"><input name="input_2" id="input_1_2" type="text" value="" class="medium" aria-invalid="false"></div></body></html></li>

See the body and html tags in there?
Any ideas on where I should look to figure this out?

Glenn, CSS can’t do that. There’s some custom code or third-party plugin adding those tags for sure. I would recommend you to perform a full plugins/theme conflict test following the instructions here: Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict using the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin - Gravity Forms Documentation

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Thanks! - that health check and troubleshooting plugin is 100% outstanding. that sure made things easy, 2 minutes and I’ve found the problem (not the solution, but have the problem).

In case anyone else reads this thread, it seems to be the gravityforms tooltips plugin from WPMonks. Enabled, my fieldnames are encapsulated with BODY and HTML tags. Turn it off, and those two tags go away.

If I find a solution, I’ll post it here as well.

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