Email Notification Routing options failing to update with new/changed entries

Two forms:

  1. Subcontractors
  2. Subcontractor Agreements (project contracts)

When I complete a new agreement to send out to a subcontractor/crew, I’m using the Configure Routing option to switch email addresses to send to based on selected crew. However, recently, when I add or change the Subcontractor entries, they don’t update in the dropdown for routing (the last field only shows “Test Crew”, my initial test entry, and “Salazar Crew”, the first real crew I made).

New subcontractors don’t show up as options in routing, and editing existing subcontractors doesn’t change the available options in routing. How do I force the dropdown to update? This seems a significant bug.

I’d recommend you open a technical support ticket so that our team can help you further investigate this issue.

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