Email client annoyingly threads by sender

Hey guys,

I’m trying to solve the annoying “one email thread” (in gmail) for every message that comes via the same Gravity Form. I’m working through this problem for a client so he’s not missing responses.

Is there a simple solve for this that I’m missing?

My gut solution was to dynamically generate an arbitrary epoch time() value and pass that through to the From: field before the at ‘@’ symbol (in Notification settings).

I’m assuming this would avoid threading as each From: email address would be different. Something like Right now the emails, via Gmail at least, are being grouped by sender email address in spite of different subject lines.

Since the Notification settings within Gravity Forms don’t allow me to dynamically pass the epoch time() to an email’s prefix (before the @), I’m a bit stuck.

Anyone have advice on how to approach this problem?

p.s. Gmail’s solution is to turn off threading globally…so not exactly helpful as threading IS valuable.

Thanks so much!

Had this problem too. I add the {entry_id} mergetag to my Notification subject line to prevent it.

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If you wanted to use your approach to dynamically populate the email sender, you could use the gform_pre_send_email filter or gform_notification_filter:


Ah okay good call. Yep. That appears to have done the trick. Can’t say I love the look of it, but it’ll have to do.

Thanks so much Jake!


Hey Chris! Amazing. I’ll give this a go. Thank so much for sending over. I hadn’t caught these in my research. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!