Edits numberfields with calculations


I have fields that are calculating from another field that is entered on a form.

The user enters the number of guests attending an event

The menu number boxes then calculate what the chef must produce.
The problem I have is I need the user to also be able to edit the number in the calculated box (I.e the kitchen may be required to produce a different volume to the default amount)

The issue I have is that when I try to edit the value in the calculated boxes manually the courser goes to a no entry sign and will not allow me to change any of the numbers in the calculated boxes.

Is there a way to get the form to still populate the boxes with the calculations but also allow them to be edited manually when necessary please?

Thanks for your time


Do you mean you want to edit the calculated number field in the entry after the form is submitted, or live on the form to override the calculation?

Hi yes I would like to override the calculation live on the form please.

Is that possible?

That is not possible. However, you could add another number field, as an adjustment, and then have an additional number field with the calculation enabled which could add your adjustment to the calculated number field. Would that work for you? You would have the number of guests, the calculated number, your adjustment number field, then the actual calculated number field for what the chef must produce.