Updating calculation field(s) on jQuery action/trigger

Hi there,

I’m using a couple of number fields where I have added a PLUS and MINUS button to the right for a better user experience.

These fields are used to calculate a price later on in the field. This all works, however when a user presses + or - instead of manually typing a new number the calculation doesnt trigger. It does successfully confirm the entry after submitting it.

Is there a way to trigger the calculations every time the button is pressed?

I’m using the following jQuery to add the buttons:

	$(function() {
	    $(".plusmin .ginput_container_number").append('<div class="dec plusminbutton">-</div><div class="inc plusminbutton">+</div>');

		function() {
			$(".plusminbutton").on("click", function() {
			var $button = $(this);
			var oldValue = $button.parent().find("input").val();

			if ($button.text() == "+") {
				var newVal = parseFloat(oldValue) + 1; 	
			} else {
			// Don't allow decrementing below zero
			if (oldValue > 0) {
			  var newVal = parseFloat(oldValue) - 1;
			} else {
			  newVal = 0;
	}, 100);

I’ve tried using this: https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_post_calculation_events/ - but I don’t understand how to apply that to the correct form/field-ID('s).

Thanks in advance.