+- Button increment on numeric field

I found a post relating to this topic. I will revisit it though as the post was a bit old.

Has anyone found a way to add increment + decrement - buttons or such like to the form in order to increase / decrease a number field?

With all the clever things going on in gravity I’m surprised this isn’t a more requested feature.

Clicking a plus / minus button is a much preferred universal input as apposed to clicking a field and then selecting a figure. Less operations makes a form feel more user friendly.

Any ideas?

Do you have HTML5 Output enabled in your Gravity Forms settings? That should add number spinner inputs to any number field allowing you to raise and lower the value by clicking up and down arrows.

html5 is enabled Karl.

I see the tiny up down arrow on desktop in preview.

But when viewing the form on mobile phone no arrows.

Deliberately used preview to remove any theme based issues.


Mobile - pixel 5

Those controls are rendered by the browser and will look slightly different in every browser. I don’t believe mobile browsers typically show them, however tapping into the field should be bringing up a mostly number based contextual keyboard on most devices.

Thanks Karl.

Yes. aware if you touch the numeric field it then shows a numeric keypad.

I will just take the end result as a continued no then Karl. This feature in mobile would be greatly received.

Pressing a button rather than opening a drop-down significantly cuts down on a user’s interactive speed. Anything to give the impression of a seemless flow would be great👍

If anyone knows how to apply the desktop up down to mobile CSS it would help. Even better larger buttons as they are very small on desktop.

What I find annoying about these number fields is not just the browser-dependency of the up/down arrows. I find it annoying that there isn’t an easy way to limit the user’s entry to integer values. I solve the problem with complicated scripting, but couldn’t there be a selector when entering the field information to specify integer-only?

I feel your pain Laurie. Yes scripting is the only way. I would love an up down arrow of some magnitude for all ability users to touch. Like I said the time saved would seem great with complex forms.

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