Increase and decrease buttons for quantity - Gravity Forms

Hello, I’m looking for somebody able to create code to implement increase decrease buttons (+ and -) to modify quantity in single product field and in quantity field.

Here what I would like to obtain:

Thank you


Hi Paulo. I found something close to this:

Hi Chris thank you very much for the link you shared, I managed positevely to eliminate the arrows via css.
I’m thinking about how to implement it in gravity forms, I was thinking of inserting the js code in functions.php, but I don’t know which DOM to target. Any idea?

You can insert the JS in the theme functions.php, or sometimes right into an HTML field you add to the form.

As far as which element to target, can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form, and let us know the title of the field you want to target? We should be able to inspect the element to get the ID you need to target.

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