Calculation if Fields are Hidden

I have form that a user types in a number in Fields 1 & 2, then selects a radio button in field 3. If Field 3 = “Yes”, then show number Fields 4 & 5 (default values of 1). I then have a calculated metric that multiples fields 1 * 2 * 4 * 5. However, the calculated metric only works if Field 3 = “Yes”. Is there a way to force the Calculated Metric to work whether Fields 4 & 5 are shown or not? Thank you!

Here is the form in question:

Hi John, interesting use case you have.

I am guessing your solution is desirous of using javascript based actions only, without leveraging any submit (or update changes) type events - where you present results for the re-rendered page (or a new page) ?