Dynamic population help request - can an earlier field impact a later field's multiple choice selection?

Can an earlier field in the same gravity form be used to auto select which option is chosen in a later multiple choice field? Is this possible inside the same field.

Example, I am actually trying to build in some logic that identifies if the user submitting the form is part of a sub contractor with a certain group.

Anyone have any ideas?

So say Field #1 - pulls in a user’s Registered name example: “John Smith” who is with the Sub Contractor (AAA)

IF Field #2’s is a multiple choice of Sub Contractors

  • (AAA)
  • (BBB)
  • (CCC)

Is there a way to cause the form to auto select Field #2’s (AAA) option specifically just because the user data pulled in was John Smiths?

Note: I done this in the past by creating multiple duplicate sub contractor fields for each possible one, and then by using conditional logic to have it activate a specific one of the duplicated “Sub Contractor fields”
Alternatively, I’d also done this having to create multiple pages with different URLs that held parameters, but I’m wanting to simplify this if I can.

Can a single field could have multiple options, and have those options be chosen from based on an earlier field entry inside the same form? Is there a way to not have to build out so many duplicate fields or landing pages?

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