Dynamic Picklist Choices from Other Form not Updating

We have a form that dynamically pulls picklist choices from a second form. We’ve updated the second form to have a difference set of choices, but can’t get the first one to show the revised set.

Could there be a cache between the forms that needs refreshing?



You cant test the form on Preview mode to avoid the front-end cache. My guess here is that Picklist is saving the original dataset.

You could also try Populate Anything to populate any kind of data into a Gravity Forms form field.

It should work out of the box with any value stored in the WordPress db.


Gravity Forms doesn’t has any built-in caching. So if there’s any caching to flush it would be caching from a third-party caching plugin or sever side caching.

How are you populating the field? Can you share the URL for the page where the form is embedded?

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