Gravity Forms not retaining field values on confirmation page

After the latest upgrade (I think), field values are not being maintained across forms.
Our current forms took field values and on submission, went to another form where the fields were populated from the first page. This was working. It recently stopped working.
So we created a brand new page, with a brand new form, and a brand new confirmation page - stripped everything else out. And, same behavior. The field values are not populating into the form on the confirmation page.
I’m a bit lost where to start debugging this, as I suspect it’s a GF problem.
Any thoughts?

Hi Glenn. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue, as they will need the URLs and how the parameters are set up, or possibly the form exports:

Thank you.

Thanks. You may be surprised to learn that it’s user error. I know I was.
We were caching at the server level. I forgot. clearing the cache and the problem was resolved (that, and a bunch of other really wild things that were driving me crazy).

Thanks for the update Glenn. Take care.