Duplicate a previous entry to create new entry in the same form

Is it possible to duplicate an entry that a user has already submitted to create a new entry with the same data.

Use Case:
I have our managers submitting project requests with Gravity Forms and a lot of the data is repetitive for similar requests. It would be nice for them to take a previous submitted request and duplicate it as a new entry and then only change the 2 to 3 fields that need to be changed. This would save our managers a lot of time from having to fill out the entire form again.

I am using Gravityview to show previous entries that were submitted by each individual manager in a dataTable .

Hi Aaron,

Populate Anything by Gravity Wiz might do the trick for you. It needs a Gravity Wiz subscription, but well worth it in the long run.

We are adding the ability to duplicate entries in the next release of GravityView! Stay tuned :wink:

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@katzwebservices Great news. Big fan of GravityView. My managers are going to be really happy to have the ability to duplicate entries. Any updates coming to Multiple Forms?

One question: Will admins be able to control which form fields are to be duplicated?

Hi Aaron @user59f10832079b21.2,
There isn’t a user interface for this yet, but you can modify the entry that is duplicated by tapping into the gravityview/entry/duplicate/details filter using PHP. I hope that will work for your needs—let me know!

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