Nested form entries don't duplicate

Hello! I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible…

My company has a wordpress with forms (and nested) for users on the website, and We are trying to freeze that forms entries (2023) and duplicate form and entries to new form (2024).

I tried duplicate button but it doesn’t duplicate entries, just the form.

I’m trying using GravityImport plugin but when the forms are imported the Entry ID changes, that way the nested form can’t find the nested entries.

What could I do, or what plugin should I use?

(The plugin is property of the company where I work as a Scholar… but I can ask them to buy another plugins)

I’m choosing these options when exporting

Hello Juan,

You can use GravityMigrate for that:

GravityMigrate supports Nested Form fields. You can use GravityMigrate to export the main and the child forms, this will generate a .zip file. You can then import back this file into the same server, which will duplicate all forms and entries previously exported.

Tried but…
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@juanma , sorry about that.

Can you please contact us at so we can investigate that?