Duplicate entries

is there any way where we can check for duplicate entries on name field,
based first and last name?

Thanks in advance

It would have to be some sort of custom validation. You would accept their input in the form, then after submission, you could use the gform_validation or gform_field_validation filter to compare what they submitted to all previous submissions in the same form.


Those are the hooks to use. In your function, you can use the Gravity Forms API functions to pull entry data from previous submissions for your comparison:

This is supported by Gravity Forms Limit Submissions. Just setup a limit of 1 and designate the Name field (or any combination of inputs) as what the limit should be based on.


is there any way if i can check the entire form data if its being resubmitted again?

All core Gravity Forms fields are supported (except File Uploads) so sure, you could check each field.

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how do we do that? check all fields before submission?

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you’ll see the Rules section. Here you would just add a rule for each field on your form. Then Limit Submissions would handle checking if all the fields have duplicate values.