Dropdown - Enhanced UI conflict

I’ve found a strange issue using a dropdown with the enhanced UI enabled and conflicting with the “Microsoft Editor spelling & grammar checker” browser extension.

There’s a major delay between clicking on the dropdown and the UI feature triggering. Disable the extension and it works ok.

This is primary when the list has many options. In my case I’m using Gravity Wiz “populate anything” plugin to pull the data from a custom table, but I’ve also tested this manually adding a long list of options to the form field as well.

I’ve tried adding the spellcheck=false property to the field but it made no difference.

Not sure if other similar extensions such as Grammarly cause the same issue or not.

Any solutions available - other than informing users to disable the extension(s) when using the form?

Hi Scott. Do you have a URL where we can test the form while using the Grammarly browser extension? Thank you.

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