Drop Down not returning Values


We have a dropdown list (populated dynamically, 60,61 and 62 all hidden), with both label and value assigned to it. But unable to return to the “value” on the Email notification.

Have used the Field Label and the Custom Field Label but unable to return the values. (See below) but always returns the label.

{Area Sales Manager:59:value}
{Area Sales Manager:60:value}
{Area Sales Manager:61:value}
{Area Sales Manager:62:value}

{custom_field:Area Sales Manager:62:value}
{custom_field:Area Sales Manager:61:value}
{custom_field:Area Sales Manager:60:value}
{custom_field:Area Sales Manager:59:value}




Can anyone offer any advice?

So it is populating the values and labels of fields 60, 61, and 62?

How are those being populated? Have you tried using Pre_Render?

You can also look into:


On the form it’s populating the required fields. Form is fine.

It’s on the email notification that’s not displaying or assigning the required information.

We are planning on using the “value” (which only the admin is aware of) to send a email notification as each of the drop down items have an address assigned. But as it only returns the label it’s not recognising the email address.

And are the entries coming through fine?

Share your code please. It would be nearly impossible to guess what’s going on. Share the code here, or, open a support ticket for this one: