Does the paypal addon allow to have guest payment method?

we are interesting in purchase a license pro for gravityform AND paypal-checkout addon too BUT we need a confirmation about a feature we can’t find in the documentation if it is ok or not.
Paypal allows business user to set up the option for offering payment guest (by CB) without having a PayPal account, when it is well setup in paypal business profile account, does the paypal-checkout addon will display the correct window to let user choose between paypal or guest ?

I saw the Contact Form7 confirms this feature, but what about GravityForm ? i hesitate between GravityForm and ContactForm7, only this feature is in balance…

It would be good to have a confirmation or a demo that paypal feature is not block by the paypal checkout addon from GravityForm …

Best regards from here !.

Hi Michael. Gravity Forms does not prevent PayPal from showing the guest checkout. However, it is up to PayPal to determine, based on whatever factors they take into account (like cookies, IP, address, merchant, website, amount, etc) and decide whether or not to show that. I recommend testing the add-on fully in the demo site before you make a purchase. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


before asking here, i try the demo (4 days left) and only stripe plugin is activated. the demo does not have the paypal add on feature to test…, only Stripe.

Best regards

Hi Michael. I sent you a private message. I will wait to hear from you.

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