Does Image Hopper add-on support HEIC?

Hello - does the Image Hopper add-on have HEIC/HEIF format support? My use case is clients needing to upload photographs directly from iPhones and iPads that save by default in these Apple formats not supported by any browsers as yet. I know the phone settings can be changed to save as JPG but these users are non-technical so the inclusion of a HEIC-to-JPG option would be ideal. Thanks

Hello. While the folks from do stop in here occasionally, I recommend contacting them directly for this question. I don’t know the answer to it, and I did not find it in any documentation on their site.

Hi there,

Jake from Image Hopper here. We don’t currently have HEIC/HEIF support, but I can add it to our roadmap.

I did some quick checks on our end to see how straightforward this feature was it add but unfortunately it wasn’t as simple copy and pasting from the Pintura documentation. We’ll need to allocate time to investigate this further and likely consult with the Pintura dev team to figure out the best way forward.

I can’t provide any timeline right now, but I will post to this topic when this feature lands.


Thanks for the replies - yes was hoping the heic-to-any script might be easy to implement but will just keep tabs on any progress for now, thanks for adding it to the roadmap.

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It took a bit longer than expected to get this feature functionality smoothly, but HEIC support is now integrated into Image Hopper. Users can upload HEIC files direct from their phone and they will be auto-converted to JPEG format, where they can be further edited with our advanced image editor.