HEIC Uploads not Allowed in Gravity Forms

I am trying to have my form accept HEIC files, but I keep getting error messages. I have attempted to use different plugins, editing the functions.php file, and allowing unfiltered uploads in the wp-config.php file. None of this has worked.

I did some searching and I found a thread where someone talks about how Gravity Forms actually does disallow certain extensions. This is what they said:

Contrary to the documentation, Gravity Forms does not simply follow the WordPress allowed mime types. If you look at the plugin code, you find that in common.php there is a routine called get_disallowed_file_extensions() which returns a list of 25 file extensions that Gravity Forms does not allow, along with a filter you can use to override that.

Any suggestions for how I can get this to work? It’s really important that we are able to upload these types of files.

Hi Chris. If you want to add support for HEIC files in Gravity Forms file upload fields, you could use something like the following plugin to enable the mime type for HEIC in WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-extra-file-types/

The mime type should be image/heic I believe

I have tried this, as well as a couple other plugins. I can upload HEIC files to my media folder, but Gravity Forms will not allow me to upload the files.

I recommend opening a support ticket to be sure you get all the proper advice to help you resolve this issue: