Upload Files with All Capital File Extension

Just noticed recently that a customer was trying to upload a file with an file extension that is all capitals and it wont allow the file to be upload it gives the error that this file type is not allowed. This is happening with PNG and DXF files. I tried adding the all capital version to the file extensions allowed but no luck. How can we fix this issue?

Hi Travis. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue if you have not already. The restriction is most likely coming from WordPress, not Gravity Forms.

Thanks for the Quick Reply Chris I will do that. I have tried all the suggestions I found in this forum about adding meme_types to the the functions file. The files in question all upload no problem to WP media library so it does seem to be more plugin related but who knows.

If you still need help, you can always use the text transform property. This will make all file extensions lower case immediately.

You will need to upload a file and then find the class of the file via google developer tools. Then add this snippet.

/* .class-name needs to be changed to the class for the file. */

.class-name {
    text-transform: lowercase;

It’s a simple workaround.

I believe that will change the display of the name to lowercase, but would not actually change the filename in any way.

I suppose the file is already uploaded by that point. This is why I need a test site.

Great suggestion but tested and it doesn’t work, validation happens after you click open.

Sorry about that. Have you spoken with your hosting company?

I’ve had to at times request certain file types to be permitted. On occasion they may suggest a plug-in, sometimes it was server side for security, and you’d be surprised what king of settings the Wordpress admin has with some serious digging.

Also, in the file upload field, you can specify which types of files are permitted. Have you tried adding PNG in all caps here?

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