Does anyone know how to make the conditional logic validation server side?

As the title suggests. I’m trying to find a way to make the conditional logic validation to be server side because the “answer” typed in the text box is for a competition and I discovered that it’s not too hard for someone to look at the javascript to get the answers for the questions.



If you want to handle this server-side, you can uses gform_field_validation rather than conditional logic:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Ok that’s fantastic, not for the follow on question from that. Will conditional logic work based on a field being “validated” from said validation? Essentially I need the answer to be typed in a the text field and if it’s correct then the next text input with the next question shows up.

Here’s an idea just based on my experience with working with gform_field_validation. It does not run as soon as someone fills in a field but I think it runs each time you go to a new page in a form. So if you put the question you need to validate on one page and the next question on the next page, the user will not be able to go to the new page unless the field validates.


That’s a great idea thank you. :slight_smile: I’ll have a play around with this in the morning.

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