Displaying the same form in multiple different lightbox popups - Submission Duplication Issue [RESOLVED]

Hey there! I’ve been working on building out a webinar page for our business using Gravity Forms and Popup-Maker and am experiencing a duplication bug on form submissions (ie it’s submitting multiple submissions with each click)

I have created one form with multiple hidden fields so that our CRM can determine which webinar they are wanting to attend. I’ve created five pop-up forms with Popup-Maker all referencing the same gravity-form ID but having different titles (for each webinar) with a handoff to the hidden field to determine in our CRM which webinar they’re wanting to attend.

On first submission there’s no issues, only one submission goes through and all is well; however, if you submit twice it registers that you’ve submitted the form 20 times. We’re using Marketo for our CRM (where we are seeing the duplication)

We’ve done some extensive troubleshooting to determine that the issue lies in the fact that I’ve referenced the same gravity form, five times with five different popups - thus resulting in duplication. We’re not certain as to where the cookie is coming in to influence this duplication, because as mentioned when there’s a clear cookie the first registration goes well, and the second duplicates in the above fashion.

What is the best strategy to either fix how the existing setup goes (ie One Gform, five pop-ups referencing that form) or how should I restructure this so that it works as intended?

I’ve thought out how I think the solution would look, please see below:
Duplicate the Gravity Form five times and manually adjust the webinar-specific hidden field, in Marketo have the gravity forms all reference the same form within (less work on Marketo end) - thus now having each of the pop-ups referencing a different gravity form ID avoiding the duplication issue altogether.

I appreciate any feedback or insight from the community. Thanks a bunch!

You cannot use the same form multiple times in one page. The HTML spec does not allow that, because the IDs are the same for the elements in each form, and they need to be unique. You will need to use five different forms. I am not sure what you need to do to integrate with Marketo, but you will need to use different forms on the page, rather than the same form more than once on a page. Thank you.

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Thank you @chrishajer we’ll adjust accordingly.
Hi @chrishajer , not sure how to reopen the ticket, we tried implementing different forms on one page (hidden, only visible by popup maker plugin) but the same issue happened. Does that mean we can’t have more than one form on a page even if they’re different forms?

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