Display a User Profile with their purchased subscription from ecommerce form

Currently I have a ecommerce GF setup so users can purchase subscriptions. I am wanting to setup the ability to have a user login and see their purchased subscriptions along with their profile data.

Do you have the user registration add-on installed and activated?

I have the registration addd-on but I can’t figure out how to display a user’s profile once they login and also view their purchases/subscriptions bought off the ecommerce form i have setup.

You have to setup custom user meta in the user registration feed.

Then create a new form called profile.

For each field in the profile form, add the unique custom meta as the fields default value.

Then the user will see all of their information if they’re logged in.

Custom meta explained:

Choose the subscription field
in the custom meta section drop down. On the left hand side you will see a text field, add the words user_subscription

In the profile form, add a field called subscription. Add the custom meta like so {user:user_subscription} (been a while so hope the syntax is correct)

When viewing the form on the front end, if your subscription is the elite subscription the field should automatically display the words ‘elite subscription’.

Granted this is configured properly.

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