Help! User Profile Display Questions

Hello Gravity Forms Community,

I’m looking for a way for my registered users to see their profile information once they are logged in. Any way to achieve this? Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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To show those fields on the user’s profile page, you have to do some additional work. You could use a plugin like this:

It shows being out of date but we still have people using it.

Or this method:

I have this same question and was hoping the User Information Shortcode would do the trick ( ) but so far all I can get it to output is the nickname as I am not sure what the syntax for the other keys would be. But if I am understanding the docs correctly it seems like one should be able to use the short code like so:

[gravityforms action="user" key="nickname" output="list"]

[gravityforms action="user" key="password" output="list"]

And add keys for whatever extra meta info you may have added in the bottom of the user registration feed.

But so far I only seem to be able to get the nickname displayed.

Hello. I was able to use any user meta key from the wp_usermeta table, in a shortcode like this:

First Name: [gravityforms id="1" action="user" key="first_name"]
Last Name: [gravityforms id="1" action="user" key="last_name"]
Color Scheme: [gravityforms id="1" action="user" key="admin_color"]

You can see the display on my page here: [SITE REMOVED]

Let me know if you have any questions about other types of user meta data.

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Thanks for the quick reply Chris!

Is there any way to access the custom User Meta keys added at the bottom of the User Registration feeds? Looking in the database under the wp_usermeta table, I only see the standard WordPress user meta fields.

Thanks Again!

Hi Isaac. Where are you trying to show that information? Do you have a user profile page created somehow?

Yes. I want to show all the fields–including custom user meta fields-- when the user updates their profile via a gravity form.

Why don’t you create a new form.

Then just add your custom user meta as the placeholders.

This will render all of the currently logged in users meta data.

This would require the user registration add on.

I’ve actually already done that. But it is less than ideal, since there are times when one would want to display user data outside of a form.

I suppose I could try a form that only has HTML fields with user meta merge tags in it. So even though it is a form, it wouldn’t look like one if I hide the submit button.

I would use css to hide the submit button. Using negative logic can cause issues.

I personally use gravity view for this type of stuff but I do have a form that lets users update and view their data.

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