Display a store phone number on confirmation page based on store dropdown menu in form


I have a form that has a dropdown menu for 23 different store locations. On the confirmation page (a thank you page) I’d like to be able to have a message like “Thank you {name} our team at {location selection} is reviewing and will get back to you shortly. If you would like to follow up, please reach our office at {phone number}”. Something like this. Have the phone number available based on the store they picked on the confirmation page.

Is this possible or do I have to create a separate confirmation for every store listing?


That’s possible to be done. Please keep in mind that Gravity Forms does not support adding merge tags like {name}, etc., on a post or page by default.

To achieve the described, you’d need a third-party add-on like Gravity View to add merge tags to a page’s content.

Please check it out here: https://www.gravityforms.com/add-ons/gravityview/.

This Perk from Gravity Wiz will also do the job:


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