Desperate Help needed no confirmaton showing up

I contacted support and only got one response to disable CleanTalk which I did and I am at a critical point with my issue and not reply. Logging is enabled.

Is there anyone here who can help me?

Issues in on this page and the Monthly Gift Form:
Here is what I tried so far:

  • Changed the notifications to Subscription Created.
  • Created a special page with the confirmation text thinking that something is wrong with the default text only one.
  • Put my stripe setting to TEST MODE.
  • Tested the form with and without WP Rocket enabled. Testing in test mode the confirmation page does work and notifications are sent.
  • Go back the switch to LIVE MODE
  • Did a monthly with WP Rocket enabled and just like usual the confirmation never comes and the icon spins and spins. But the notifications do come through when the payment is processed in Stripe.
  • Did another monthly with WP Rocket disabled and just like usual the confirmation never comes and the icon spins and spins. But the notifications do come through when the payment is processed in Stripe.

So now what, I have done all I can think of the researched to do. Is this a problem with the new gravity forms version?

PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME… we are losing donors!’

Appreciate the help!

Can you provide a screenshot of your confirmation area and how you have that set up?

Hi Frog,
It is working now after GF updated the Stripe addon. But the submit is taking up to 60 seconds to show the confirmation message. Way longer than usual of about 15 seconds.
My confirmation message is set to a default text, nothing special added.

I sent another support request to GF about that but no reply back yet.

Are you having issues with Stripe too?


No. I’m not seeming to have any issues. Have you tried creating a redirect after submitting to see if that takes as long? Is it taking a lot of time just after you click submit?

Hi Frog,
Yes I tried a redirect to a page too. That took even longer.

With more testing here is the processing time after hitting the submit button:
Subscriptions donations: at approx 16 secs I will see the “waiting for stripe” message along the left bottom of my screen. Then at approx. 58 secs the confirm message will show up.
One time Donations: Get the confirmation message at 15 secs. This was the normal time…
FYI, using Chrome browser.

What’s weird is even though the confirmation messages take some time to show up, the transaction shows up right away in my stripe dashboard.

Not sure what to do at this point.

Hi Diana. It sounds like the delay is coming from notifications. Can you try deactivating all notifications temporarily and then testing the form to see if you have the same delay?

Also, I recommend enabling logging while you test the form so you can refer back to the log to find out where the delay is being introduced.

Let us know what you find out.

Hi Diana. Did you finally discover the cause? You could also deactivate other plugins and see if something is causing the delay. That is usually my go-to if I can’t find the cause within Gforms directly.

Hi Frog,
I did the disable plugins route and made no change. It is something with gravity forms after all the updates they are pushing through. Samuel is saying it is my hosting but I am on a VPS server with liquidWeb.
I added above the submit button a statement to the donor to be patient as the payment processing could take up to a minute before a confirmation message appears.
All I can do at this point I guess.
I have logging enabled but that is all whatever to me! Don’t understand any of it!

Thank you for checking in with me!


Hi Diana. Can you share a link to the Gravity Forms Core log file here please?

Sure, let me do a subscription submission so that it will show a current log of it.

Be right back!

I made a subscription donation Monthly Gift 2023 : Entry # 2994 for $7.35.
After hitting submit, it took 15 secs after which at the bottom left of my desktop it says waiting for Then at around 45 more seconds the confirmation message appeared.
Page with form is:

Attached is the core log file…

Thank you for looking at this for me.

All the best,

(Attachment standupgirl-gravity-core-log-6-23-2023.txt is missing)

Opps miss read, you want the link to the log file.
Here it is:

Hi Diana. Can you share the link to the Stripe log as well please? Thank you.

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