Default Dropbox Upload File Permissions

I am using the official GF Dropbox add-on ( and I’m noticing that files uploaded through a GF form to Dropbox are getting link viewing turned on by default. I suspect this is so anyone who has access to the form entry in WordPress can access the file without having to log in to Dropbox.

How can I disable this feature so that it doesn’t turn link viewing on by default? I went this route because file URLs are stored in the WordPress database and my thinking was that the files would still be protected if the database were ever compromised.

If this isn’t possible, what are my options? Can I embed the native File Request upload into my Gravity form?

Hi Andrew. You can use the gform_dropbox_shareable_link_settings() filter to change how that works:

Note that Dropbox requires you to have a Professional or Business plan in order to control the shareable link.

If you have any other questions, please let us know

Thank you Chris, that did the trick. The File link in my Gravity entry doesn’t work at all now, even if I’m logged into Dropbox in the same browser. Is that to be expected? I set the sharable link setting to only allow members of my Dropbox account.

I recommend opening a support ticket if you need assistance with this:

Thank you.

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