Custom Fields not sending [RESOLVED]

I am sending custom fields to with my form to When I check authnet no custom field is added in reports, receipt. I made sure the request is getting the inputs. I dump all the values and it populate correctly. What am I doing wrong?

add_filter( 'gform_authorizenet_transaction_pre_capture', 'add_custom_field', 10, 5 );
function add_custom_field( $transaction, $form_data, $config, $form, $entry ) {
   if ($form['id'] == 25){
        $firstName = rgpost('input_3_3', true);
        $lastName = rgpost('input_3_6', true);
        $customerID = rgpost('input_5');
       // $invoiceNumber = rgpost( 'input_12');
        $clinicName = rgpost('input_6');
        $cardHolderName = rgpost('input_1_5');

        $transaction->setCustomField('First Name', $firstName );
        $transaction->setCustomField('Last Name', $lastName);
        $transaction->setCustomField('Aurum Customer ID', $customerID);
       // $transaction->setCustomField('Invoice Number', $invoiceNumber);
        $transaction->setCustomField('Clinic Name', $clinicName);
        $transaction->setCustomField('Billing Name', $cardHolderName);

//      var_dump($clinicName . " " . $firstName . " " . $lastName . " " . $customerID . " " . $cardHolderName);

    return $transaction;

Got if figured out. The custom fields does not send to the Reports. It onsly sends to the email receipt. I was expecting it to appear on the table in Transactions in rather it only appears in body of Email Notification

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