Add shipping fields to submission

We were curious if it would be possible to send shipping address information to in addition to the billing address information using this filter? If you could add these fields to the add-on that would be fantastic.

I was imagining something like this to utilize the filter though:

add_filter( 'gform_authorizenet_form_data', function ( $form_data, $form, $config ) {
    if ( rgpost( 'input_1' ) == 'some value' ) {
        $form_data['fee_amount'] = 0;
$form_data['shipping_address'] = ...
$form_data['shipping_zip'] = ... 
    return $form_data;
}, 10, 4 ); API documentation reference

 "shipTo": {
                "firstName": "China",
                "lastName": "Bayles",
                "company": "Thyme for Tea",
                "address": "12 Main Street",
                "city": "Pecan Springs",
                "state": "TX",
                "zip": "44628",
                "country": "US"

Thank you for the assistance!

Hello. You can use the filter to send the shipping address to Authorize.Net. See example 6 here:

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