Creating user-filled worksheets with GF, needing direction on how

Howdy! I am working on a project and would love some help understanding the basic way to go about it.

Project is as follows:
A.) User logs into Wordpress website and views a page with a series of worksheet templates they can complete
B.) User fills out Gravity Form for one specific worksheet and presses “SAVE”
C.) User can then see their Gravity Form responses overlayed on image of worksheet using print css (or something else)
D.) User is able to print the filled out worksheet as PDF or print to printer
E.) User is able to review all past worksheets and open a past worksheet and edit it, re-save, etc. in some sort of file manager. They must ONLY be able to see worksheets they have created (Created By must match their username)

My questions:
1.) How can a user complete a GF then see their submission overlayed on an image/template?
I’m thinking the answer might be Does that sound right?

2.) How can a user see all past submissions inside a file manager?
Totally lost here. Thinking I need a “form submission library” or something like that. If all submissions are added to the database, how can I cleanly display files that are created by the current logged-in user?

3.) How can a user edit a previous submission?

Perhaps I need to use “custom post types” here? Would that work?

Thank you for any direction! Please let me know if something is unclear.