Creating two registration forms for the same custom post type

Hello All,

I am creating a website which is a directory site for people who provide home products and services and on this website I have created a page where people can search out these pros. For the pros that want to advertise on my site, I have created a two step process where you register yourself with a short form that asks for basic information, then gives you a role, and then after they have access to another form which asks detailed information about their company and what they have to offer. After submitting this form, it creates a profile for them which is displayed in the pro section of my site where people can search them out using search fields. There is, however, one pro type that is a bit unique and that would be the Realtor pro type and the reason being is that they will also be able to put up their listings in our real estate section of my site and also have their profile in the pro section along with rest of the pros.

What I am trying to do is create a separate first form, but after filling it out, I want them to be able to have access to both being able to create and edit their profile along with having access to posting and editing their listings.

This is where I’m stuck, do I have to do something in the first form that somehow tags them behind the scenes without them knowing about it or, when they go through the process of creating their profile and they select their pro type as a Realtor it automatically gives them access to being able to purchase the different packages I have for them as far as how many listings they can put up at any given time?

Sorry if this sounds confusing. I am pretty new at much of this (wordpress and utilizing Gravity Forms). All help is welcome.



Can you assign a different role when the register as a Realtor? The role you assign can be changed in the User Registration feed. You can do that conditionally, if you want to use one form for both registrations (you would base conditional logic on something they submitted to you in the form.)

Or, if you want to have just one form and need to verify that they are a Realtor, can you just change their role manually to give them access to more things on the site?

You can use a plugin like the Members plugin to create custom roles, and give more capabilities to specific roles.

Thank you for your reply, Chris. I will look into the documentation based upon your suggestions to get this done.