Creating a random going live notification generator

Hey there,

I have been thinking about creating a neat going live notification generator for streamers to use at my blog. But not sure how to approach this with Gravity Forms.

Here is the idea behind the system:
Field 1: Game
Field 2: Streamer name or URL
Field 3: Dropdown of (Fun, Badass etc.)

Okay here is the tricky part. Then i would need another field that has different kinds of answers already let’s call this field answers.

The end results would have a “Create” button that creates answers based upon these:
Choose the kind of pre-created answers from the list by the option in Field 3.

Output the answer by these parameters:
answer + field 1 + field 2

I have been digging through the documentation quite a while but can’t seem to create the randomized results in the answer field. You folks have any tips on how i could achieve this? :smile: