Created View to Search Child Form Entries but Need to Show Parent Entry ID [RESOLVED]

For the past 2 years we’ve been using GravityKit, Gravity Forms, and Gravity Wiz to build a report showing applicant info from Parent form entries and Child form entries.

I’m now attempting to build a view that searches child form entries for specific keywords with results of that search showing relevant child form entries with related parent entry IDs.

Is this possible? Any insights appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @crucesignati

Have you considered creating a View just for the child form in question? That would help.

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Hi @crucesignati,

I’m not sure if the Parent Entry ID is available as a column in GravityView, but @rafaehlers can speak to that.

That said, this is supported in GP Entry Blocks. What you would do is create a page specifically for searching the child form’s entries. You could then populate the Parent Entry ID into one of the columns in the table. Rough example:


Good point @scott-the-sorceror! Apparently, we don’t support displaying Nested Forms meta in GravityView anymore.

Thanks @rafaehlers. Yes, the View is using Child form only. If memory serves, I used to be able to pull Parent ID from it. Is this a known issue?

Thank you, @scott-the-sorceror. Any way to execute searches against this data?

Yes, @crucesignati ! It seems to be a recent issue. We’ll look into that.

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@crucesignati Yep! You can add a filter block to the page. By default, it adds a search bar that will search all the fields. You can also set up filters for specific fields.

Thanks @scott-the-sorceror ! That works.

2 questions: Any way to do a join so I can show related fields from parent? And is there a way to add a “custom content” type freeform column I can add html/code to?

Joins aren’t currently supported. I believe that is an option with GravityView.

Entry Blocks supports custom content, yes. It even supports merge tags in the custom columns. If you’d prefer to display the content as an entries loop, that’s also supported.

Thanks Scott - managed to get what I needed using a View with Child form joined to main form.

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