I'm trying to achieve to display the entries to a new post. I'm using nested forms

What I want to achieve is to display only what values, not all the entries. The main problem is I’m not getting the child form entries, insted I am getting the values on the parent form where the nested form is there. Can anyone encountered this one? thanks in advance

  // Retrieve the form object and get the form ID
          $form = GFAPI::get_form(2); // Replace 1 with the actual form ID of your nested form
    // Check if the form exists
    if ($form) {
        $form_id = $form['id'];

        // Retrieve the nested form entries for the specific post
        $nested_form_entries = GFAPI::get_entries(array(
            'form_ids' => [$form_id],
            'field_filters' => array(
                    'key' => 'source_page',
                    'value' => get_the_ID(),

                      <?php foreach ($nested_form_entries as $entry) : ?>
                              <strong><?php echo esc_html($entry['2']); ?></strong> <!-- Field ID 1 represents the "Ingredients" field -->
                              <?php echo esc_html($entry['3']); ?> <!-- Field ID 2 represents the "Amount of Ingredient" field -->
                              <?php echo esc_html($entry['4']); ?> <!-- Field ID 3 represents the "Unit of Measurement" field -->
                      <?php endforeach; ?>

kindly see attached file

Hello @Echoecho, are you trying to get the parent entry and expecting the child entry data to be populated in the parent entry object?

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