Create User not working, password always fails during login saying incorrect

Hi Everyone

Please help… I’m pulling my hair out!

I created a sign-up form with usual fields including a password field.

Everytime it is used it creates the user (via the add on) and that goes to pending user which can the be activated or deleted.

Unitil a day or so ago this seemed to work perfectly during testing.

Now whenever the form is completed it functions normally except once the account is activated the user cannot sign in, it says the email account or password is incorrect.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the password is strong or weak. It fails regardless. I have also tried with the password strength indicator on/off in the gravity form and at different minimum password strength.

If it take the same password used and manually update it in the users dashboard/profile then the account works no problem.

So it seems that the point of failure is the from the point the user clicks submit and the create User add on processing it.

Can anyone please help?

I have a similar setup on another site and it works perfect and can’t for the life of me work out why this one is failing and being so troublesome.!!

Have you worked through the troubleshooting steps from the following page of the documentation:

I am having the same issue. About to test through this situation from the link @richardw8k Richard posted, but it’s dated 2017 so does it have relevance now?

Yes, the article is still relevant. It was written a while ago for background processing tasks, but background processing was not added to the User Registration Add-On until v5.1, released in March 2023.

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