User-Registration Addon – Set password not working [RESOLVED]


after the latest update somehow my user-registration-feed is not working anymore, like it should:
Somehow the option for setting the password via password-input-field disappeard. I cannot choose the password field anymore to be set as password. Instead i can only choose “set password via email password link”. The passwordfield is not available to choose.
(it worked before).

I would be happy if someone could help.

Thanks a lot!

Just got an answer from gravity support:
This issue is fixed in the latest Gravity Forms build, available from the downloads page. To update follow the steps at

Once updated you’ll also need to clear/flush any caching and/or script optimization plugins and/or services the site is using as well as your browser cache.

Thank you@ Gravity forms support. It helped a lot and the answer came really quick!

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