Password not strong enough on first try + indicator not working/showing


I have a form where people can create an account. I want them to create a strong password so i enabled the password strength with option “good”. My form contains 9 steps so the user has to go to the next step after creating their password. When clicking on the button to go to the next step it says the password is not strong enough (while it is), but when clicking on next step again it is strong enough and you can continue the process (only when the password was good enough in the first place).

The other problem is the password indicator not working it only says “Sterkte-indicator” which is Dutch for strength-indicator.

How can I fix this issue? I have already updated my WordPress + Plugins. There is also a JS error on this page, i have added the screenshot of the error to this post.

The JavaScript error suggests the theme or another plugin is including a conflicting script.

I recommend testing for conflicts using the steps from the following page of the documentation:

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