Create an S3 pre-signed URL at submission to be used in notification

Hi all…

Wondering if there’s a plugin or add-on which would enable me to create an S3 pre-signed URL at the time of form submission. Basically a S3 pre-signed URL is a link that expires after X number of seconds. The links would go to PDFs that we already have online but need to be gated downloads. Anyhow, wondering if there is a plugin that would allow me to do this without having to hire a contractor to build one.


It looks like this might give you what you are looking for? How to Sell WordPress Media Files via Gravity Forms - Prevent Direct Access

You might want to also look at S3 Media Maestro. It can give you one-time URLs that expire, but I’m not immediately clear how you could combine that with GF.

Hi… Thank you for these links. However neither one of them are going to work for what I need to do. Which is basically just generate a dynamic URL upon form submittal. The other kicker that I don’t think I mentioned is that the file to be downloaded is going to be dynamically populated into the form at the time of download. So writing my own and I will post it when complete

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