Can I send forms directly to another server (S3) and avoid upload to Wordpress?

I would like to change the path for some forms to go directly to S3 instead of Wordpress. The way I understand the documentation this is not possible. If I set the gform_upload_path filter or the gform_after_submission filter does this take Wordpress out completely?
According to this article, I’m stuck with a re-route through WP and not an entirely new path:

Hi Birgitte. There is no direct route to upload to S3 without first stopping at your server. The only option we have currently to bypass storing the file on your server is our Dropbox Add-On, which can use a Custom App, and you can allow a customer to upload to your Dropbox from their Dropbox, without touching your server.

I’ll leave this topic open in case anyone else has a solution to share.

If the file “briefly” living on your WP environment is okay, the Gravity Flow outgoing webhook step type to send the file(s) to S3 via their Rest API followed by a Form Connector Update an Entry step type to delete the field value might provide a low/no code pattern to address.

I can’t recall for certain if modifying the entry field value for upload also deletes the file from the server or not. If it does not, the outgoing webhook + gravityflow_step_complete action would be another pattern that would be akin to what you were thinking with gform_after_submission.

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