Create a hyperlink in the form [RESOLVED]

Hello, I am trying to have an “I accept the terms and services” link within the form. I would love to have a label hyperlinked, but for obvious reasons that will not work. I tried the HTML block but the hyperlink is not working. Has anyone managed to get this to work? I am building with Divi theme…
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You can add an HTML hyperlink to the label. I added it here, for example:


The label looks like this:
I accept the <a href="">terms and services</a>

What have you tried so far?

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First, thank you so much. I feel SO stupid right now. lol, I was making this so complex. I was thinking I needed to create a jquery to make it work. BECAUSE I had a typo in my hyperlink, which I should not admit. :crazy_face: It has been a long month… it would seem. Thank you!

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And COVID :mask:

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