Html Label Doesn't Show up [RESOLVED]

The HTML Field Label doesn’t show up on the form. How do I get for the it to show up?

Can you share the URL of the page on your site where we can see your form? Thank you.

Hi John,

The HTML field label won’t show up on the frontend of your form. If you want to give it a label that matches the other labels in your form, you can use this code above the rest of the HTML in the field, which will have the desired effect:

<label class="gfield_label">Your Field Label</label>


Hope I understood you correctly! In my example above I made the text below my custom label smaller as my custom styling actually made the label look the same as the rest of the text, but that shouldn’t normally be the case.



@tcgsa It works thank you .


Glad to hear that John!

All the best,